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A long time ago in a faraway place called the United States gun collectors with antique weapons that had shoulder stocks attached trembled in fear that with the stock attached their barrel wasn't long enough to meet the BATF minimum and fueled by other fears and distortions threw away their historical stock and some even ground off the stock lugs on their Lugers. BATF recognizes the detachable stock when it is paired with the historical weapon it was designed for. Carbines, artillery models, navy's from the Imperial era were guns that the detachable stocks are made for and are legal.  Check the Curios and Relics BATF publications and know the truth.


This an Abercrombie & Fitch "artillery" stock that was sold by the sporting goods store in  New York. A very rare preservation of export Parabellum stock for the collector of a Abercrombie & Fitch Luger.  This stock is offered for $1850.00 to the specialized collector.  AE101
The enlargement (above) of the Abercrombie & Fitch logo is distinct and legible.  As an export of Germany the stock is stamped with the country of origin.

Imperial Navy Stock made by Mauser in 1979 with a Certificate of Authenticity. This has the naval disc in the center and is not stamped for export as most of the 1920's Navy Commercials were.    SOLD

This is an aftermarket stock that is made to the exact dimensions of the original artillery stock and mostly of benefit for the shooter who wants to use the artillery with a shoulder stock.  This is priced at $375 over the counter plus shipping.

This is an original stock that has been removed from the leather sometime ago.  It has a serial number on the iron of #307 with a line through it and it has an early Crown S large imperial proof on the wood. On the end of the stock are the numbers 5558 in Navy style script. This stock can be cleaned up with a minimum of cleaning and waxing to be a beautiful compliment to your artillery.  This stock is offered over the counter for $800.


LAYAWAYS:  Sometimes our "significant other" doesn't understand the beauty, craftsmanship and investment potential of one of these investor grade weapons.  In these circumstances where discretion becomes the better part of valor we will accept layaways of up to one year with at least 20% down and some activity occurring monthly to insure that after one year the sale is completed.  Cancellations of layaways forfeit 33% if done within two months, otherwise 100%. You can transfer a layaway to a consignment sale at any time. See "Legal" for exact terms.


See Credits, Bibliography, Notices and Disclaimers.

3 Day Return Policy

We honor a three day return policy. We will answer any questions, send you any pictures, as detailed as you want, to insure that what we are showing you is what you want to see, before you buy it.  See Legal.


WARNING: We do not represent these guns as safe to fire. They are not test fired before sale; they are sold as collectibles only. Prior to firing you should have it inspected by a qualified individual and abide by all safety requirements.

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