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  WWI Imperial "NAVY" 150mm Barrel Models

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This is a 1908 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) Imperial Navy This piece is a 6 inch (150mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum with the Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine. This is the classic Navy Luger; the gun shows some honest holster wear but is still in excellent condition.  (1110)

1908 Navy

 This is a 1906 DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken) Navy, 1st Issue altered military gun. This piece is a 6 inch (150mm) barreled all-matching 9mm Parabellum with the Navy adjustable rear sight and matching Navy magazine.  (1749)

1906 1st Altered

This is a 1908 Model DWM  Commercial Navy.  This Parabellum is a 6 inch (150mm) barreled 7.65mm Parabellum with the Navy adjustable rear sight and Navy ringed blank magazine marked "Germany. This example has all matching serial numbers.  (1302)     1920 Commercial Navy

1908 Commercial/Navy  Rig: This is a 1908 Commercial DWM  German army. This Parabellum is 9mm with a 4" (100mm) barrel that is proofed and serial numbered to the gun.  Serial number placement is in the civilian ("concealed") style. The thumb safety is marked "Gesichert" and extractor "Geladen."  This example has all matching numbers. This piece is a 4 inch (100mm) barreled 9mm Parabellum  that was intended for the  civilian market and bought by the Imperial Navy  Kaiserliche Marine and proofed with the Marinen proofs for use on shore. This is an extraordinary war trophy; taken from destroyed home of a WWI Imperial sailor is the all matching DWM commercial Luger / Marinen 100mm Parabellum, a holster, a period belt with the very rare Naval Colonial dress belt buckle in addition to the proofed dagger and scabbard plus the very picture of the former owner.  A colossal historical find.  (633)     1908 Commercial/Nvy Rig



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LAYAWAYS:  Sometimes our "significant other" doesn't understand the beauty, craftsmanship and investment potential of one of these investor grade weapons.  In these circumstances where discretion becomes the better part of valor we will accept layaways of up to one year with at least 20% down and some activity occurring monthly to insure that after one year the sale is completed.  Cancellations of layaways forfeit 33% if done within two months, otherwise 100%. You can transfer a layaway to a consignment sale at any time. See "Legal" for exact terms.


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WARNING: We do not represent these guns as safe to fire. They are not test fired before sale; they are sold as collectibles only. Prior to firing you should have it inspected by a qualified individual and abide by all safety requirements.

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